The boy is dying!

The boy child is dying!


I am thirty one today, having been born in 1986… No! I am not defending anyone or accusing anyone. It has taken quite a while and I have been around all that time. I do not exactly know who the originator of this saying is, but it definitely makes sense today…if you want to kill a forest destroy the seedlings in it. He definitely had insight. The who is who everywhere has been clamoring and campaigning for Wanjiku, Anyango …I mean the girl child and only God knows what will happen to Tom, Njoroge, Thomas, Mwandegwa or any of the boys I know. Society has gone through a full circle and anyone can now openly see the fruits of our campaign.

One day as I walked down the well-known street of our town, I beheld a spectacle. An excited crowd was milling around something and like anyone would, I went close to have a look. A man was on the ground lying unconscious. “He is a thief!”, someone volunteered an explanation. upon taking a closer look, I realized I knew the man! He was actually a son of my neighbor and his story is a sad one. The sister was successful in continuing with her education and became a medical doctor in the city but her brother’s education had to be terminated since the father could not afford to pay for both. He had to take care of animals at home which were regularly sold to take care of the sister’s school fees until none was left. Jumah, slowly by slowly became a  drug addict, started doing bhang and all imaginable stuff. He took to heavy drinking of course you know he was drinking the local brews! He was a total waste, total mess as he lay sprawled the on ground, bleeding unconscious.

This is what got me thinking.  This campaign to protect the girl child has definitely borne what we all desired. Women now stand tall among some of the fields that were initially a preserve of men. I even know that the next time the CS for education Dr. Fred Matiang’i will be releasing KCSE or perhaps KCPE results, a higher percentage of girls will not only have succeeded but will be at the top of the chat and I have no problem with that. I will be the happiest to see my sister, daughter, cousin, friend excel. What bothers me, however, is this the performance of boys and by extension, Men is in free fall! This is where we need to open our eyes people. I do not know but I thought I should think aloud, Perhaps someone might find it good to offer some explanation, however tangled it might look.

The boy is slowly dying…

Many men are in trouble, they are addicts, doing drugs, many have lost hope, many need help. I am an educationist myself and what I see scares me stiff. boys are familiar with drug dens in towns near their schools. some immoral women have even tamed the boys especially high school boys, to provide them with sexual satisfaction at the expense of their own lives…Parents, when you send your son to school on that opening day, do you bother to follow up and see whether he really arrived in school? Well, he could just have ended up in some evil woman’s house for a night or two of pleasure. All he will get in the end is some little financial favors!!

Oh, Kenya, your boy is dying.

Bring back the boy to life, Campaign for him also. He is the husband, the brother, the father, the teacher, the doctor also. If we are  not careful on this, in the near future we may need to change the constitution and provide for Men Reps (I am not a politician) because they are becoming the weaker ones

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